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New Fashion Autumn Winter Girls Kids Pants Plus Velvet Children's Leggings Cotton Velvet Elastic Waist Warm Legging 3-8 Years

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  • Type Of PackingPaper wrapping
  • ColorGreen, Pink, Brown
  • Quantity Per Case500g
  • Fat percentage56%
  • Piece In OneCarton

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Suggested Use

Refrigeration not necessary.
Stir before serving

Other Ingredients

Organic raw pecans, organic raw cashews.
This butter was produced using a LTG (Low Temperature Grinding) process. Made in machinery that processes tree nuts but does not process peanuts, gluten, dairy or soy.


Oil separation occurs naturally. May contain pieces of shell.

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Color Red
Size XL
Weight 300gr
Color Red
Size XL
Weight 300gr

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